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If you've been a fan of MarchFourth for any length of time, then you are likely familiar with an age-old story that tends to happen to us a couple times a year: the bus breakdown. Of course Murphy's Law requires that the breakdowns happen on a weekend when the shops are closed and mobile mechanics are hard to come by too. And when the bus breaks down for us, it's not just our transportation. It's also our home. Despite the challenges of disrupted schedules, our crew tends to roll with the punches and make the best of it. Mars (trombone) is new enough to touring with us that our latest breakdown last week was his first! Read on >>>

"A lot of things went wrong on the road yesterday, leaving me feeling very grateful for what went right. When we were running late and the bus broke down in Savannah, we pulled over near the airport and were able to get people and gear into vans in time to barely make our gig in Charleston. When we were hungry after the show and far from our food reserves, Katie's aunt greeted us with enough pulled pork, slaw and green beans to feed the whole crew. When we realized there wasn't room for us to sleep at her place without the bus around, Dan found a good deal on a hotel an hour outta town in the right direction. Most importantly, when we hit a deer on the highway around 4am, Will was able to keep the van steady and none of us were hurt. AND we all just barely still fit into the two vans that were still driveable and were able to get to our hotel for showers and some much needed sleep. Despite initially expecting to have to wait a few days for a very specialized tool kit to fix the wiring harness, we woke up this morning to the news that Nathan had managed to fix the thing with a bobby pin, saving many of us from having to change plans and fly. And through it all, despite crankiness and frayed nerves all around, we're all still friends. Feeling very lucky to be on the road with such a resilient, capable, and hard-working crew, and looking forward to my next trip with March Fourth!"